Shawn Harrison

My practice of yoga over the past 20+ years has given me the strength and ability to embrace all aspects of myself. Yoga has given me the freedom to be authentically who I am in each moment; with the only requirement being that I am mindful. So this is what I work on - being mindful. Instead of trying to fix myself, or trying to be perfect, I simply do my very best in each moment, each day, each week, and each year, to be mindful. My interest is in self-awareness rather than self-improvement. From this place of presence, the parts of me that I admire can shine and the parts of me that aren’t so sparkly have their place too. I believe, my (and everyone’s) true self is pure loving-kindness. All of the practice, study and teaching that I engage in is to this end - knowing my true self. This is what I have to share in my classes - my imperfect self, my shiny self, and my dedication to working with and exploring all aspects of yoga. I am a thoughtful, knowledgeable, kind and sometimes funny teacher. I am dedicated to offering others the countless benefits of yoga that I enjoy; it is my life’s work and my honor to share the practice of yoga with you.

My teaching is informed by my ongoing daily yoga practice and continuous study in the field of health and wellness. I completed study at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2003. From there, in 2004, I trained at Sivanada Ashram and Osho Meditation Center in India. The next 4 years were spent at Ananda Ashram; immersed in study and beginning to teach yoga. In 2008 I created Yoga Lab and continue to steward it's growth and evolution. I have completed a year of Yoga Anatomy study with Leslie Kaminoff, a restorative yoga teacher training with Judith Hansen Lasater and am certified as a Kripalu Yoga in the Schools Teacher. I also spend some time each year on silent meditation retreat with my teacher, meditation master, Shiva Rudra Balayogi.