Yoga Lab 301 | Apprenticeship

This is our yoga teacher training course. It is a program born out of our desire to honor the ancient practice of yoga and your unique path. The apprenticeship program is geared toward your interests and needs. You will work one on one with Cory and Shawn to create an individualized and comprehensive program that will prepare you to teach and share your practice with others. Completion of Yoga Lab 201 or a 200 hour teacher training program is required before beginning Yoga Lab 301.

Yoga Lab 301 is offered by Shawn Harrison, Creator and Steward of Yoga Lab and Cory Nakasue, Co-Developer of Educational Programming.

Cost: We construct a plan with each person depending on their needs and their stage in life. The cost is a mutually agreed upon “market rate” and may include bartering.

Email or call 845.481.3108 to learn more