What to Expect

Our yoga classes are mindfulness-based and breath-centered. Each class includes the practice of movement, mindfulness and happiness. We call it practice because this is the spirit of our approach. There is no doing it right or doing it wrong, we are simply practicing. This method frees us from preconceived ideas of what a posture is supposed to be and allows us each to have our own direct experience. We believe it is in this space of freedom, where you will enjoy the true sweetness and all the lasting benefits of Yoga. We let the traditional tools of yoga guide the practice: yoga postures, chanting, breath-work, meditation, philosophy, self-inquiry, mantra and mindfulness. These techniques give you the solid ground that's needed; so you are free to test each of them out, experience for yourself and see what works.

MOVEMENT – stretching, strengthening, balancing | decreasing tension and increasing circulation

MINDFULNESS – paying attention to breath, sensations and thoughts | practicing being aware and increasing your ability to be present

HAPPINESS – Yoga philosophy offers that happiness is being with things as they are in each moment. This is not easy, so we practice, using the many brilliant tools this ancient practice has given us. We do the best we can. And little by little, we move in the direction of lasting peace and happiness. A happiness that is unconditional, that is there regardless of the day or the situation. A happiness that requires nothing, it is available, all the time, ready for us to notice it.