Dalien is back to share share an integrative exploration of multi-level yoga, chakra, organ/glandular function tied to postures, movement, breath and sound meditation. The goal is to feel, negotiate with and release the layers of physical/emotional tension while intuitively exploring your “authentic range of motion” and showing up with “nothing to prove”. The experience will explore a bevy of yoga, sound, music, breath work (pranayama), qigong and a few surprises... AND lets not forget his mesmerizing and blissfully relaxing sound meditation, nada yoga /nidra, shamanic journey that lasts about 35 - 40 minutes minutes with gongs, flutes, crystal bowls, hang drum, ukulele, ambient percussion and more mesmerizing sounds to help us drift off in this very sacred world of theta brain wave consciousness, regeneration and rejuvenation. We will end by using our voices to open, ground back and chant a little bit before the closing.

Class | $25

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Feel free to call 845.481.3108 with any questions.