If you are ready to move in a new direction, challenge what you think you know and deepen your understanding of yourself and the practice of yoga, this program is for you.

Yoga Lab 201 can be taken as a stand alone immersion or as the first 100 hours of our Teacher Training Course. For the teacher training track begin at any time and take all 10 weekend sessions, in any order, within two years. Then move on to the Yoga Lab 301 Apprenticeship to complete your training. Or, if your interest is in an immersive learning experience, join in any or all of the weekend sessions.

In the Principles + Practices module we explore foundation, alignment and focus. Both mental and physical.

Each module is a total of 6 hours. 3 hours on Saturday 1-4:30pm. 3 hours on Sunday 1-4:30pm.

Call Shawn at 845.481-3108 for more information or questions.

Click here to see the full schedule for all 10 modules.