We start with one minute of stillness as part of the DAY 1 Walk. Pausing for a moment to pay attention, on purpose, without judgement. Then each day during the month, adding another minute. Before you know it, on Jan 30 you will have established a regular mindfulness practice. Even if you aren’t able to join in every single day, regular consistent practice will create a pattern of being mindful.

Micah and Shawn will post inspiration and tips daily on Facebook starting Jan 1. In addition Radio Kingston is airing a Mindful Minute with daily encouragement from Shawn and Micah. You can also tune into to Shawn’s weekly show Mindful Sunday’s at 6:30am on Radio Kingston as another way to build your mindfulness muscle.

If you would like to receive daily texts, send a text that says ME to 845.481.3108.

Follow along in whatever way works for you. Test out being mindful for the month of January and see what happens…