Aparigraha is the last of the five yamas of Patanjali's Eight Limbs of Yoga.

The practice of non-attachment. This is the experiment of the month at Yoga Lab.
As far as I’m concerned this is the practice of circulation and exchange. How often do we hope for something new and fresh to come into our lives without thinking of how we’d clear space for it? How often do we crave change without loosening our grip on expectation?

We can feel how futile this is in the simple act of breathing. Go ahead; take the deepest breath you can. Hold it. Now try to inhale some more. No room.

Now, exhale as completely as you can. Every last bit of air. A fresh inhale avails itself effortlessly. The work was in letting go.

Attachment is sneaky. It can take the innocent form of “preferences,” or more obvious forms like actually holding on to material objects, circumstances, and relationships. In both cases this clutching blocks movement. The natural state of all living things is movement. Come breathe and move with us this September as we do an in depth study of non-attachment and moment-to-moment awareness.  - Cory Nakasue