We covered a lot of ground with this FOM. Starting with some resistance to the mantra "Mind Your Own Business". Many people had a reaction, feeling like it was harsh or scolding based on their past experience with this phrase. After some time I got reports of this old pattern dissolving and an opportunity for thoughtful contemplation arising.

We contemplated and talked about the meaning of "minding". One person suggested it's like "minding the store" - another "tending to" - and another talked about "taking care of". Then came some discussion of what is our "own business". Everyone pretty much agreed that taking good care of our bodies and minds falls solidly in the category of "Minding Our Own Business". But what in the external world is our business? With this questions we circled back to where we started with the Eckhart Tolle quote, suggesting that if we work on evolving our internal world, taking care of the external world will happen naturally.

With a month of contemplation behind me, I have a new understanding of this quote. I believe Eckhart Tolle is referring to an expanded sense of self (the opposite of an inflated sense of self). As I work on bringing balance to my internal world through the practice of yoga (meditation, daily mindfulness, movement, breathe awareness), my sense of self expands and simultaneously what is my "business" expands. Because this expansion is born out of mindfulness, I don't need to subscribe to or create any rules about what is or isn't my business. I simply keep paying attention, taking care of the internal, working on being mindful; and then the external, the knowing how to respond to the world in each moment, more and more, begins to fall into place.