We say we want peace in the world, but we are not each peaceful ourselves. My teacher Babaji talks about this state of confusion: thinking that the external world is where we will find peace, believing that changing things externally is the path to freedon. If this person would did this, if this situation was different, if this person didn't do this, if this group would just be more... or less... This is how the dialogue goes for most of us. And so we circle around and around, never getting much closer to peace (internally or externally).

I think we look to the external world first because it seems easier; we look to the external world because it is so challenging to look internally. Our internal worlds are filled with unease, messiness and parts of ourselves that we don't want to see. In comes the Peaceful Warrior! This archetype is often used in yoga teachings because it takes a warriors dedication, determination and patience to be aware of our internal world, allow for it all and let it go.

The practice of yoga helps us cultivate this warrior like dedication, determination and patience. It gives us tools and weapons to use: yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation, mantra and chanting to name a few. For example, I'm feeling uneasy as I'm driving to meet someone, I chant OM. I notice that I'm hunched over and tensing my jaw as I'm washing the dishes, I take a few conscious exhale breaths. I'm comparing my triangle pose to my neighbor on the mat next to me, I silently repeat the mantra, "mind your own business". Each time I engage in one of these practice, little by little i move in the direction of peace. A true, lasting and unshakeable Peace; untouched by the external world.