A word that conjures up many thoughts. And not all good. However, I believe that whatever exists in our reality exists for a reason, that is, it is there to serve some purpose. Division is no different. For example, if the concept of oneness is too big for us to conceive then division helps us to see the universe in ways that we can. If oneness exists, if in fact there is a way to understand the universe as operating on this level, it is beyond my comprehension right now. Thus understanding that a divide does exist between me and the refrigerator is truly useful, for without it I would just be labeled as crazy.

This word can be explored from the all too obvious social constructs that we see so clearly in the world today, but also from a more traditional yogic place of how we divide mind and body. Perhaps if we can safely explore the divide then we can also unify and begin to see the whole - mind & body.